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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Abercrombie: Time to Move On?

The once much loved fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch announced last Friday that it was going to be heading in a new direction after disappointing sales figures and declining popularity in recent years. 

But is it really worth it?

After the exit of Abercrombie's CEO, Michael Jefferies, at the end of last year, the new leading team team have announced that they will "stop hiring sales staff on body type or physical attractiveness” and will relax its policies on staff looks, allowing employees to dress how they prefer. Sales staff will now be called 'brand representatives' instead of models, and stores will also offer an “improved sensory experience” amending the lighting and sound levels (basically putting some lights on and turning the blaring noise down)

The CEO has pledged to bring in larger sizing, along with an expansion of its kidswear range. The brand will also put a stop its overtly sexualised marketing (the end of the six-pack is here...)

Although Abercrombie are investing a lot of time and money into its reinvention, I have to ask myself, will it pay off?

I personally think the "you're only cool if you're wearing Abercrombie" days are over, and we all seem to have grown up and moved on from the Australian surfer look. Don't get me wrong, a successful rebrand is definitely what Abercrombie need to revive their flagging sales, and they are taking the correct steps in doing so, but I'm just not sure if they'll ever truly be able to shy away from what got them where they are today. 

What's your view on Abercrombie's new direction? Will you miss the topless men standing outside calling you into a blacked out store? (stupid question, I know)

I'd love to know your view!

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