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Monday, 11 May 2015

Bad Marketing or Clever Brand Attention? Bus Company's 'Ride Me All Day for £3' Ad Campaign

New Adventure Travel, a bus company based in Cardiff, South Wales, has relented and said it will withdraw the offensive advertising campaign following a huge online backlash.

The ad campaign, shown below, features a topless woman holding a sign with the suggestive phrase 'Ride Me All Day For £3'. There is also a male version which has received just as much negative attention.

The company have defended their marketing decision by releasing a statement saying their aim was to "make catching the bus attractive to the younger generation."

It's not surprising the company have ensued such negative backlash from the general public, many brands using sexuality to gain custom have been called out for inappropriate branding, see my post on Protein World's recent marketing argument here.

We Are Cardiff tweeted in response to the ad: "Just saw this advert on a bus in Canton, and it's an absolutely unacceptable way of advertising a bus ticket."

Multiple other users have also taken to the social site to voice their opinions on the company's advert, including Charlotte Church, who called the ad 'atrocious'.

What's your view on this? Is it effective marketing? It can't be denied that it has certainly done it's job of attracting attention. But isn't it about time brands stopped trying to gain awareness by using tacky provocative imagery and exploiting sexuality, when will this stupidity stop?


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