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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Lynx to Rid Its "1990s Lads Mag" Branding

The 'Lynx Effect' is to be no more, after the brand have pledged to "move away from its 1990s lads mag style of branding for a more mature, sophisticated brand message."

Lynx brand manager, David Titman, told Marketing Week that the sexualised branding is "no longer relevant" and "not a true perception of how males view the mating world."

The brand have been criticised many times in the past for 'objectifying women' and using sexualisation to sell their products.

Titman also stated that “there is a growing consumer demand for things that are sophisticated, premium, and Lynx needs to fit into that trend. We are trying to modernise and also genuinely drive appeal.”

The brand have also defended their past advertising choices by saying the Lynx Effect is part of their brand DNA and in turn is what has got them to where they are today, and that future campaigns will still centre around a male figure but that Lynx will not be promoted anymore as a "mythical potion."

I think the move is definitely a brave one for the brand, as the innuendos and tongue-in-cheek ads are essentially what Lynx is known for. However, I do think that they, along with many other brands, have a responsibility to move with the times and adapt their advertising to the current consumer needs and wants.

What's your view?


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